Forms: Other Misc. Civil

Form packets are available as doc/rtf, pdf, and SOME packets are available in an online interactive format. All interactive forms are housed with our project partner, Idaho Legal Aid Services. If you are looking for an individual form, rather than a packet of forms and instructions, please click here.

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NOTE: The forms on this page are not formatted for use in Family Law cases, please contact your local Court Assistance Officer if you need help locating forms for a Family Law case.

Enforcing Civil Judgments
Generic forms for Motions, Orders and Notices
Motion for Continuance
Motion to Retain
Obtaining Default Judgment
Registering a Judgment from Another State
Renewal of Judgments
Requests for Trial or Scheduling Conference
Responding to a Civil Case
Service of Process
- Service by Consent
- Service by Personal Delivery
- Service by Publication
- Service on Amended Complaint
Waiver of Filing Fees
- Filing Fee Waiver for Prisoners
- General Filing Fee Waiver