Forms are available in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

Protection Orders
Idaho Guide and File
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  • Use our Guided Questionnaire to File for Protection Orders OnlineClick Here

Los formularios en español se utilcen únicamente para fines informativos.

  • Sworn Petition for Protection Order (Spanish Version)PDF
  • Law Enforcement Service Information Sheet (Spanish Version)PDF
  • Family Law Case Information Sheet (Spanish Version)PDF
  • Application to Modify, Renew, or Terminate a Protection Order (Spanish Version)PDF

Para más ayuda con los formularios en español, llame a 208-947-7554.

Request a Civil Protection Order
  • 1. Sworn Petition for Protection OrderRTFPDF
  • 2. Law Enforcement Service Information SheetRTFPDF
  • 3. Family Law Case Information SheetRTFPDF
Transfer Wireless Phone Service
  • 1. Request For Transfer Of Wireless Telephone ServiceRTFPDF
Modify, Terminate, Renew or Dismiss a Protection Order
  • 1. Application to Modify, Terminate, or Renew Protection OrderRTFPDF
Register Another State's Protection Order in Idaho
  • 1. Affidavit and Request for Registration of Foreign Protection OrderRTFPDF
No Contact Orders
Idaho Guide and File
  • NEW!
  • Use our Guided Questionnaire to modify or dismiss a NCO in a criminal casehere.
Request Modification or Dismissal of No Contact Order
  • Instructions — Requesting a Modification or Dismissal of No Contact OrderPDF
  • 1. Request to Modify or Dismiss Criminal No Contact OrderRTFPDF
Resources: Brochures and Information
Domestic Violence
  • 1. Protection Orders, Criminal No Contact Orders, Restraining Orders Definitions, Descriptions, & DifferencesPDF
  • 2. The Protection Order Process (English)PDF
  • 3. The Protection Order Process (Spanish)PDF
  • 4. Domestic Violence & The Idaho Courts: Civil Protection Orders Video (English & Spanish)PDF
  • 5. Domestic Violence Is a Crime-Idaho Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance - Funded Service ProvidersWebsite
  • 6. La Violencia Doméstica es un Crimen (Domestic Violence Is a Crime - Spanish)PDF
  • 7. Domestic Violence HandbookPDF
  • 8. La Violencia Doméstica (Domestic Violence Handbook - Spanish)PDF
  • 9. Idaho Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance - Approved Domestic Violence Offender Intervention ProgramsWebsite
  • 10. Alternatives: A Practical Guide for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Sexual AbusePDF
Legal Advice Hotline for Domestic Violence Victims (ID Legal Aid)

Advice Hotline for Domestic Violence Victim's (Idaho Legal Aid Services)

Phone: (877) 500-2980
Hours: Monday-Friday* 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)

Sexual Assault and Stalking
  • 1. Sexual Assault HandbookPDF
  • 2. La Agresión Sexual (Sexual Assault Handbook - Spanish)PDF
  • 3. Stalking HandbookPDF

Common Idaho


  • $207Divorce with Children
  • $207Divorce without Children
  • $166Child Custody
  • $166Child Support
  • $166Paternity
  • $154Motion to Reopen or Modify Divorce
  • $216Minor Guardianship
  • $136Answer/Response
  • $166Name Change
  • $166Unlawful Detainer (Eviction for non-payment of rent)
  •  $69Small Claims
  •  $81Small Claims Appeal
  •  $29Change of Venue