Below is a list of the publications and brochures available through the Court Assistance Office. Some have been written by other outside parties and groups, unaffiliated with the Idaho Supreme Court.

Courts & Trial Information
  • An Introduction to the Idaho State Court SystemPDF
  • Una Introducción Al Sistema Judicial de Idaho (ID State Court System-Spanish)PDF
  • Pocket Guide to the Idaho CourtsPDF
  • State of Idaho Court - Court of AppealsPDF
  • Idaho Judicial Council: Answers to Common Questions on the Functions, Jurisdiction & ProceduresPDF
Court Services
  • Court Assistance ServicesEnglish PDFSpanish PDF
  • Execution & Garnishment of Judgments Protecting Exempt Wages, Property & Government BenefitsPDF
  • La Ejecución y el Embargo de un Fallo Proteger Sueldos Exentos, Propiedad y Beneficios de los Acreedores (Execution & Garnishment-Spanish)PDF
  • Jury Service in IdahoPDF
  • The Idaho State Court System: Domestic ViolencePDF
  • El Sistema Judicial de Idaho: La Violencia DomésticaPDF
Criminal Case & Crime Victims Information
  • Crime Victims Compensation Program - Compensation BenefitsPDF
  • Programa de Compensación Para Víctimas de CrimenPDF
  • Crime Victims Compensation Program - Financial RecoveryPDF
  • Crime Victims - Financial Assistance for Sexual Assault ExaminationsPDF
  • Víctimas de Crimen- Asistencia Financiera para Examen de Asalto SexualPDF
  • Victims' RightsPDF
  • Los Derechos De VíctimasPDF
Disability, Social Security, & Medicaid
  • Disability RightsPDF
  • Idaho Medicaid & YouLINK
  • SSI and Social Security DisabilityPDF
  • SSI y Seguro Social Por DiscapacidadPDF
Domestic Violence
  • Alternatives: A Practical Guide for Survivors of Sexual Assalt and Sexual AbusePDF
  • Domestic Violence & The Idaho Courts: Civil Protection Orders Video (English & Spanish)LINK
  • Domestic Violence Is a Crime-Idaho Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance - Funded Service ProvidersPDF
  • La Violencia Doméstica es un Crimen (Domestic Violence Is a Crime - Spanish)LINK
  • Idaho Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance - Approved Domestic Violence Offender Intervention ProgramsLINK
  • Legal Advice Hotline for Domestic Violence Victim's (Idaho Legal Aid Services)LINK
  • Protection Orders, Criminal No Contact Orders, Restraining Orders Definitions, Descriptions, & DifferencesPDF
  • Sexual AssaultLINK
  • La Agresión Sexual (Sexual Assault Handbook - Spanish)LINK
  • StalkingLINK
  • Domestic Violence HandbookLINK
  • La Violencia Doméstica (Domestic Violence Handbook - Spanish)LINK
Family Law (Incl: Annulment, Divorce, & Children)
  • Annulment Procedings in IdahoPDF
  • Child Custody, Visitation, & SupportPDF
  • Child Support Services ApplicationLINK
  • Divorce, Property, and Debts: Things You Need to KnowPDF
  • Establishing Paternity for Your ChildLINK
  • Idaho Health Plan: Coverage for Your ChildPDF
  • Plan de Salud de Idaho: Cobertura para Niños (Idaho Health Plan-Spanish)PDF
Financial Matters
  • County Assistance: Payment of Hospital, Medical Expenses, & Other Necessities for Low Income PeoplePDF
  • BankruptcyLINK
Guardianship & Conservatorship
  • Guardianship & Conservatorship Questions & AnswersPDF
  • Minor Guardianship InformationPDF
  • Support Decision Making GuidePDF
  • Managing Someone Else's Money: Help for Court-Appointed Conservators in IdahoPDF
  • Legal Advice Hotline for Domestic Violence Victim's (Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc.)LINK
  • Idaho Senior's Legal Hotline (Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc.)LINK
  • Need Help? Dial 2-1-1 for Idaho's Free Statewide Community Information & Referral ServicePDF
  • Advice for Renters: RepairsPDF
  • Advice for Renters: Security DepositsPDF
  • Advice for Renters: ForeclosurePDF
  • Advice for Renters: Federal Housing ProgramsPDF
  • Advice for Renters: Manufactured Home TenantsPDF
  • Consejos para los residentes de Idaho: Dueños de Casas Prefabricadas (Manufactured Home Tenants-Spanish)PDF
  • Advice for Renters & Homeowners: Utility BillsPDF
  • Advice for Homeowners: Foreclosure InterventionPDF
  • Landlord & Tenant's Rights and ResponsibliltiesPDF
Occupational License
  • Consumer's Guide to Hiring a ContractorPDF
  • How Does Idaho's Contractor Registration Law Affect You?LINK
Small Claims & Mediation
  • Instructions for PlaintiffPDF
  • Instructions for DefendantPDF
  • Instructions — How to Collect your Small Claims JudgmentPDF
Wills & Probate
  • Basic Estate Planning: Questions & AnswersPDF
  • Have You Made a Will?PDF
  • Holographic Wills: A Guideline for Preparing Your WillPDF
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions About Probate in IdahoPDF
  • Questions & Answers About WillsPDF
  • Preguntas y Respuestas Sobre Testamentos (Q&A about Wills-Spanish)PDF
  • Do You Really Need a Living Trust?PDF