About Us : Goals & Priorities

ImageWhen possible, the first priority of a Court Assistance Office (CAO) is to help connect pro se litigants (individuals representing themselves in court) with a lawyer. Offices provide resources, court forms, document review, and legal information to help litigants better understand their rights and responsibilities. The full array of information and services provided at the CAO can be found in the Our Services section. Many of CAO materials are also available in both English and Spanish.

What kind of information can I get at my local CAO office?

  • Court forms and instructions for many types of civil and small claims cases
  • Review of completed court forms
  • Access to public computers for preparing court documents, filling out interactive court forms, conducting legal research, etc.
  • Instructional videos, brochures, and pamphlets
  • Referrals to other helpful organizations

Our History

The Idaho Supreme Court's Committee to Increase Access to the Court began planning the Court Assistance Office project in 1998 following concern in the increased numbers of pro se litigants (people representing themselves in court) involved in civil matters. This trend was especially noticeable in family law cases. Access to Court Assistance services can be found in each of the 44 county courthouses in their respective county seats. To learn more about the history of the project, click here.

Statewide Court Assistance Manager

Imelda Ramirez

Idaho Supreme Court

451 W. State Street

Boise ID 83720

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Note: All services are through the local county offices. Click below to find your local contact info.

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